Fresh products from regional farmers

In times of fast food and globalisation more and more people are concerned to get original , natural and native food. We also want that the culinary inheritance of the region is preserved and with our concept we have the following aims:

  • High-quality products from trustworthy suppliers
  • Quality and service instead of mass production
  • Principle of the closeness to the producer

We consciously support sustainable farming and a species appropriate cattle breeding in cooperation with small farmers and small plants


For this we stand with our name

Brigitta and Ulrich Müller
and the team of the market barn

Basic data to the market barn

Market opening: 3/11/2011

On a property of 3000m², we have a surface of 400m² in our main building, in the store 220m², in the generous guest room 95m² and in the kitchen 73m². The market itself has a surface of 166m². 

We have 5 departments and occupy at the moment more than 20 employees:
Service: 7 permanent employees
Kitchen: 6 permanent employees
Pastry shop : 3 permanent employees
Market: 5 permanent employees
Management: 2 permanent employees
as well as numerous casual employees who support us

We are supplied by about 100 regional suppliers and are a "full-line distributor" with exclusively regional products...

Farm market

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