The team

We employ actually more than 20 employees in 5 departments.


We care that you get meals that you like and that you feel fine

(from the left to the right)
Melanie Hug, Petra Weber, Kathrin Huber, Teamleiter/Küchenchef Ludwig Moser, Kevin Fischer und Felix Allgeier

Farm market

We provide you a good consultation

behind, from the left to the right: Uschi Nogolica, Martina Schöner, Laura Milic, Sylvia Haase 
in front, from the left to the right: Celine Vetter, Verena Spinner

Pastry shop

We provide you daily a great variety of very tasty cakes specialities and tarts

(from the left to the right:)
Ulrike Schmid, Franziska Ketterer, Marianne Erdrich


We care for that you feel well in a relaxed atmosphere

behind from  the left to the right: Melanie Limberg, Jeannett Spitzmüller, Ana Romila, Gülseren Cataltepe, Loreen Weiß
in front from the left to the right: Marina Dold, Tanja Doll
not in the picture: Stephanie Pietsch


Melanie Limberg, Celine Vetter